Felix Wechsler


My name is Felix Wechsler and my passion is combining optics with computer science (preferably Julia Lang).

In 2023, I started as doctoral candidate at EPFL in Lausanne in the LAPD led by Christophe Moser. I work on computational tools to improve Tomographic 3D Printing.

In my freetime I enjoy graveling by bike and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Besides I'm involved in Orpheus e.V. to prepare pupils participating at physics competitions. Also, I engange myself in the EPC Photonics Chapter. And I'm teaching at the sustainability camp about AI & Recycling for talented pupils. I'm active in the Julia EPFL community. I'm the elected PhD representative in the Photonics PhD program at EPFL.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me (see bottom of this page)!


Current Projects